The brother is now a Chartered Accountant!!!

It is quite a change to see him being normal after months of seeing him in his room sitting, standing, eating with big scary looking books in his hands, with unshaven, red-eyed look.

For months he had food and water in his room.

For months his lights would be on through the nights.

He even slept with lights on so that he does not go in deep sleep making him loose out study time.

For months he had his cell on silent, deleted watsapp and Facebook, so as to not get distracted.

And for this absolutely no-nonsense just-books attitude has made him clear CA in first attempt and that too both groups in one go!

And what’s more he came fourth in the city!

Man! That is something!

Really, the amount of work he had put into it, there was no way any one could have put in even 0.00001% work more without having external memory drives inserted in one’s heads. He had given it the best shot, and he passed! πŸ™‚

Coming from a family of CA (Granddad and Dad both are CAs), he set a new family milestone by giving two groups together both in IPCC and Finals and cleared both in one go! Not even Dad and Granddad were able to do it. To say that the family is happy is an understatement.

The result came yesterday, family is still in celebration mode! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The relatives came home. I supposed it was to greet him, how wrong I was!

They came, did all the congratulatory formalities and got right down to business.

Which means, looking at me and saying: You know when the phone came, and we heard it was some happy news, we thoughtΒ you would get engaged! Seriously, when are you getting engaged?

Yes, people, brother becoming a CA is EXACTLY equal to me being married.Β 

How nice! *Note the Sarcasm*
I am sure you forgot that I am an MBA, or is that not THAT important as getting married? Yes, when you had come to ‘congratulate me, you HAD mentioned that you would like to see me get married, but you see, the thing is, Its MY F***ING life and I am not about to give it all up and be an unpaid slave for some random stranger and his parents just because YOU would like me to have a ‘Married’ tag. I would rather wait for someone who sees me as a wife rather than a caretaker, thank you very much!
It took all I had to not reply. >:/
All I did was got up, went to another room saw some TV and played with Scooby πŸ™‚
Still people go around the society calling up others and wondering why I do not bother to meet them when they come to visit my house!