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Recently I saw a really good movie on Youtube called: Sita Sings The Blues.

Watch the full movie here:

The movie deals with two stories, one Ramayana from Sita’s point of view and other a story of a modern-day New York couple.

The points that are raised were:

1) How could Ram be banished just because of a promise given to a Jealous Step-mother? Was fulfilling a promise more important for a king than doing what is right?

2) Why did Sita not go with Hanuman when he came to her when she was in Lanka? That would have saved so many lives!

3) Ravan was an otherwise a good fellow, a scholar, a devotee of Lord Shiva did one thing under the influence of others that was considered “bad”, and he is a villain?

4)Ravan never forced Sita Physically to do anything? What if he had raped Sita against her wishes? Would that have made her ‘impure’, would her love and devotion to Ram have decreased because of this?

5) How could Ram, listen to a washer-man who was himself a domestic abuser, and banish Sita? How does this make him an ‘Ideal Man’?

The use of the shadow puppets really made it all interesting.

This movie reminded my of another good Bollywood movie Lajja. Though these movie did not do well in box office, it is truly one of the most thought-provoking movie ever made, in my opinion, of course!

Here is a still from a movie where Sita absolutely refuses to go through the fire to prove her purity.

I loved the part where she says to Ram, even you have lived alone for all this time so even YOU should prove your purity.

The other parts she pointed out like she could have easily stayed in the palace and enjoyed as it was HE who was banished, still she choose to be with him and this is how he repaid her?

The entire speech is truly thought-provoking.