In Calcutta’s Park Street,  Suzette was taken hostage by a gang of men in a car, on the pretext of giving her a ride home from a pub.  She was raped at gunpoint, and brutally battered.  She was then dumped on the roadside bloodied. When she went to the police for help they jeered at her.  The male police officers joked about going to the pub themselves to find a ‘girlfriend.’  They asked her to demonstrate what positions she was raped in.   And they also delayed her medical examination as well as the investigation of the case deliberately.  The Chief Minister, a woman, and a lawyer,  shamefully stated the victim was lying and just playing politics.  One of her other ministers began to openly question what profession she belonged to.  Was she a prostitute?  They threatened to begin investigating her family — her father’s past and work record for instance.   The victim was traumatized.   She said she felt victimized all over again.

Suzette Jordan is fighting a long battle, a battle for her identity.

For long we have seen her talking to media with her face covered and her back to the cameras.

For long has she lived with the tag of the “Park Street Rape Victim”

But now, Suzette has had ENOUGH.

ENOUGH with the society that says “stand up for the rape victims” and do not even bother giving them jobs! As somehow their “raped” status would decrease their productivity!

Suzette at a rally with “God Wants Justice, STOP RAPE” placard

ENOUGH with the man who yell for “Justice” for the women, but would shrink from marrying her, as she is now “tainted”

There have been people who tried to put the blame on her.

They said it was her fault as she was out alone drinking in a pub. And to make the matters worse she was a single parent.

“What kind of immoral mother lives her kids at home and enjoys at a pub?” They asked.

A mother who is also a human and has a right to live it they way she wants, I say!

But Suzette is one brave woman.

Not only she has decided to make her identity public (Why should I hide?, I have done nothing wrong!), she was also responding to the comments made by public on the article.

Suzette has helped many others girls, who might be in her situation by staring at the face of  horrors and making a change in how rape victims are viewed in this country.

Suzette, you are one SUPER WOMAN!