This is without a doubt one of the best documentaries I have come across.

When you put a face on the so-called “victims”, when you listen to their ordeals from their own mouth, you somehow feel connected to them and the trauma that they must have gone through starts to sink in a little deeper as they are no longer faceless, they become fellow humans.

But, the worst part is there will always be people, who instead of seeing the problems within us when it is pointed out to us, they would rather ignore the entire truth and instead start their mindless allegations on others.

Like one of the commentors commented on this video:

Now Radha also should make documentary about Girls life in UK too,

– What happens with girls after binge drinking in clubs in UK?

– How girls can sleep with anyone to get a baby to gain a council house in UK?

– Why there is teenage pregnancy rate is high in UK?

– Why divorce rates are high in UK?

– Why David Cameron think Britain is a Broken society?

I don’t know if the commentator is trying to say that the rapes, the acid attacks, the killings, the abortions, the sexual harassment etc are the same as British girls drinking, getting pregnant or divorced? How is that even related to topic on hand?

But, there are many times I see whenever we try to point something wrong in the society, instead of agreeing and changing, Indians tend to point five irrelevant things!

My heart goes out to all who have been interviewed. You all (Except the lawyer) are true SUPERHEROS. May you have Justice, peace of mind and strength to put the past behind and make something of your lives.

To the lawer, I would say, may you get sense to see that respect should be earned by men too. Also, agreed that dogs bite (though my Labrador, scooby prefers to lick instead, or maybe he has more ‘control’ over his violent mind than an average Indian Man, eh Mr. Lawyer? 😉 ). Men ARE NOT DOGS, they are humans, with brains, so its unfair to think that men are guided by their bodies and not their brains.

Some sectors of Indians are conditioned in a way that they do not see anything wrong with the attitude of men. They tend to brush everything aside saying Men will be Men, its the women who have to take care and see that they behave! I have blogged in detail about how this conditioning takes place here.

Not only men, but even women are conditioned in a way that they feel men can treat them anyway they like but they have to keep the men in their life happy, it is their only duty in life. I read an interesting blog on Sahil’s nest about this. You can read it here.