Recently Indiblogger came up with an interesting contest, we have to list out 5 people we would like to chat on WeChat Mobile App. Here is a link to its youtube channel:

So, without further ado, here is my list of 5 people:

1) Ekta Kapoor

I was in sixth standard, pretty happy with the newly introduced Disney Channel. Little did I know that Ekta Kapoor was planning to take away my TV viewing hours in future.

But, she came up with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. I watched it for sometime,till the first time Mihir died. Then When I left home for College, we had only one Tv for 50 girls in our hostel, and every hour was filled with either Tulsi or Parwati or some other equally irritating person crying her eyes out. And NOT ONCE in three years I got to watch TV.

When we come in contact on WeChat, I would love to ask Ekta a few things:

1) If I want to be a good Bahu, Is it necessary that I learn to cry every five minutes?

2)In order to prove that she is a good saas, will my mother-in-law be rude to me?

3)In order to prove that I am a good person, would I have to wear rich sari and have long hair?

4) How many times is it possible to get married (to same or different people) for people to give a damn?

5) If I get in an accident, which hospital should I go to where I will get not only a new face but also a new height and voice?

6) How to sleep with those expensive sari and jewelry? Is it comfortable?

7) Would love to learn how to wake up every morning with full makeup on looking impeccable and ready to leave for any function.

8) Do some guests never leave?

9) If I am generally good, but sometimes do something ‘bad’, do I have to apply bad-person-makeup that day i.e big bindi, smokey eyes etc?

10) Last, but a very VERY important question, how com none of your characters visit the Toilet?

2) Manmohan Singh

I would really like to connect with Manmohan Sigh, of course if Madam permits him to connect to me.

The reason being I want to know whether he has lost his own voice or he still has it.

Being an Indian I am truly concerned to know what are HIS thoughts, what are HIS opinions, not madam’s or some script writer’s (Remember the theek hai episode?)

I would like to know why we see him speaking up only during elections or for vote-begging advertisements before elections? Does he care for anything other than votes? Even if it is, is this concern yours?

3) J. K. Rowling

I would like to connect with J. K. Rowling not only because I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, but because I wanted to ask her a few questions as well.

Questions like:

1) I understand that you HAD to kill a certain people critical to the plot like Dumbledore (thought I cried the whole night i read about it the first time), Sirius etc but HOW COULD YOU KILL FRED? Did not your heart burst into million pieces when you did that? What did he ever do to you?

2) When so many publishers rejected Harry Potter at the start, how did you manage to believe in yourself and your work?

3) Was it hard to not give in to the temptation and end the Harry Potter series at its peak?

4) Is it hard to be down to earth with all the fame?

5) How are your children coping with the fame?

6) THANK YOU for making my childhood wonderful by giving me HARRY POTTER.

4) Henry Detamble

The fourth person I would like to talk to is Henry from the Time Traveller’s Wife.

It would be fun to try to coax out details about my future from him!

In all probability he would not tell me a thing, but it would be fun to chat with him and get him all flustered!

5) Aslan

Apart from the fact that it is oh-so-cool to have a real talking lion for a friend, Aslan would be the go-to figure that is missing in my life.

Any problems, any happiness, any i-just-feel-like-being-alone stuff, I could share with him and he would reply with his infinite wisdom.

And maybe if I make a good impression, he would also send me to Narnia and make me the queen!

Also, no body would mess with someone with a Lion as a friend!

What a wonderful piece of luck that would be!