Mannequin (Photo credit: Night-thing)

I feel really REALLY offended.

I am SURE the men in my life do not go about raping people. PERIOD.

They do not have to ‘control their desires’. Nope, raping does not even feature in their list of desires.

When they would see a drunken girl on the street, they will help her, no matter what she is or is not wearing. They will NOT rape her.

I have gone on various shopping trips with guys who are friends, they never got ‘excited’ even when sometimes the store keeper changed the entire mannequin’s clothes!

So when  BMC stated that:

Ban lingerie on mannequins in order to fight sex crimes,

In a move to prevent “wrong acts” by men and to provide for women safety, the  Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has cleared a proposal banning the display of lingerie on mannequins in Mumbai, reported CNN-IBN.

The proposal has been cleared on the grounds that such mannequins will excite men and pose a danger to women”

Are we being told here that men are vile, cannibalistic and mindless animals who get excited  by seeing any female form, even if it is made of plastic, and then go about raping anyone they meet?

I am deeply offended.