Ferrari 550 Maranello
Ferrari 550 Maranello (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time there was a poor farmer. His family earned money by tilling, plowing, sowing and all other farm related activities. But the farmer was not satisfied. He wanted more.

The farmer’s family saved up enough money to send the farmer off to the city of dreams.

Once the farmer entered the city of dreams he opened up his own business. His business was an instant success. The farmer’s business grew leaps and bounds, he was now trading internationally.

Once he had enough money to last a lifetime, he hired a good manager and went back to his village with his family. The manager called him once everyday and reported the day-to-day activities. All the farmer had to do was go to the city once every month to take care of major decisions.

The farmer decided he wanted a car. And being so rich, he wanted to get the best car of the world. His family asked him to buy a bullock cart. They told him we live in a village, no one has ever bought a car. Why do you want a car? It is against our traditions. A Car would never mix up with our lifestyle. You just want a means of transportation, a bullock cart would meet your needs.

But, the farmer did not listen to them, and went around to search for the best car of the world. One day he saw a photo of a car and instantly fell in love with it. On inquiring, he came to know that its name was Ferrari and it lived in a town called Maranello. He also came to know that it was the best car in the world. His happiness knew no bounds and he decided to go and meet Ferrari.

On reaching Maranello, he straightaway went to the factory and met the Ferrari manufacturers. After a few talks, within a few days, Ferrari was his.

Ever since Ferrari was born, she always knew she was special. She was proud of herself and knew she was to be compared with no other car.

When she met the farmer for the first time, she was a bit skeptical of him. But as they travelled from Maranello to his village, the days she spent with him were few of the best days of her life. He treated her as the queen and spoiled her silly with the best fuel and would not even let a speck of dust settle on her. He got the best quality leather seats for her and drove her at high speeds on the roads. And it was in these days the Ferrari fell for the farmer. She loved everything about him, but most of all, she loved the way he treated her.

It took a few months for them to reach the farmer’s village, and till that time, both were happy and totally in love with each other.

Once they reached the village, Ferrari was shocked to see the dusty, broken roads, but as she was in love with the farmer she did not say a word. As days passed, the farmer became busy with his family and work and on some days he would not even come to visit Ferrari.

Ferrari would be covered in dust every time they went for a drive together and the roads of the village were so bad, Ferrari could not race anymore on those roads.

She was heartbroken. The farmer, who cared for her so much, no longer seemed to care for her. She cried till she could cry no more.

When she complained to the farmer about it, he told her: “I don’t know what you mean. I have not changed. This is me. And I will not change for you.”

Ferrari felt her heart had been taken out and stomped on by the farmer. She went into depression and would not talk or go on a drive with anybody. Not even the farmer.

The farmer was now angry and frustrated with the Ferrari. He had spent so much money on her and she refused to let him drive her! He called the manufacturers and complained about the Ferrari.

The manufacturers told him: ” Ferrari is special and will always be so. Even if you have the money to buy a Ferrari, you still need to work on making her feel special every single day. She deserved that. Nothing else. Nothing less. You cannot buy a Ferrari and treat it like a bullock cart.”

The farmer was shocked to hear this. He knew deep in his heart they were right. He had always seen how his father, grandfathers, uncles and neighbors treat their bullock carts and he made the mistake of treating his Ferrari in the same way.

He ran to his garage and apologised to Ferrari. Ferrari at first refused to believe him. But, farmer started caring for his Ferrari again. He started treating her like a queen again. He even remodeled his village roads for her. And slowly, Ferrari started loving him again.

And then, they lived happily ever after.Sure, there were a few troubles, but farmer and Ferrari always remembered how special they were for each other and solved their troubles as a team.