Facebook’s stocks are going down since last week.


The #FBRape campaign, started by Laura Bates of Everyday Sexism and Jaclyn Friedman of WAM!

To know more about this campaign, visit: http://www.womenactionmedia.org/facebookaction/

I have personally come across Facebook’s highly sexist attitude towards women.

I had come across a highly graphic photo on Facebook that showed in step-by-step pictures “How to stone a woman to death”, the pictures even specified the size of the pit, the weight of the stones and the distance to throw the stones for it to be very ‘effective’.

When I reported this post, Facebook wrote back that the photo did not violate any of its community guidelines!

However, it blocked the photo of a woman who was showing the correct way to breast feed a newborn baby for new mothers and blocked the uploader from Facebook for 30 days!

So, dear Facebook, how to kill women is OK, but how to nurse a baby is “graphic violence and pornography”?

There are several scantily clad girls, who leave nothing to imagination, various photos of badly bruised girls with captions of “Women deserve rights…and lefts” or “Next time don’t get pregnant” all these do not fall under “Graphic violence and pornography” BUT a scientific representation of vulva that was uploaded to educate women on their bodies was banned!

Really Facebook, what’s up with that?

Even after millions of people reporting such photos, Facebook did nothing!

So, this campaign was started requesting the advertisers, whose ads are seen on such pages, to withdraw their money.

Some have already done, some are in talks

Give in your support.