Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Do you think I could ever be a father?”

“A good father?”

“Yes. Like yours. A man with a head, a heart, and a soul. A  man capable of listening, of leading and respecting a child, and not of drowning his own defects in him. Someone whom a child will not only love because he’s his father but will also admire for the person he is. Someone he would want to grow up to resemble.”

The above quote is written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Shadow of the Wind.

Reading this I knew that Yes, I have a good father.

Happy birthday, Dad

I have my dad to thank for a lot.

He did all the things a typical dad would do – taught me how to ride a cycle, always gave me more money than I what I had asked for. sometimes even without asking, he drove me around whenever I needed a ride.

He even did a lot of things typical dads do not do, and that makes him all the more special!

He taught me how to swim, tried to teach me how to catch ball (Unfortunately did not succeed in that 😦 )

He taught me to find pleasure in reading, he introduced me to the wonderful world of stories. When I was a kid, he would pick me up every night and tell me stories while walking till I fell asleep. He gifted my first novel (when I was afraid to pick up one for myself looking at the size!), it was “Famous Five:Five go off in a Caravan”. That is the book from which my journey into the book-land started and now I have become a bookaholic. Thank You Dad For That!

Ever since I was a kid, he carried us off to various parts of the country once or twice every year. He encouraged us into adventurous sports, it is because of him I can say I have done a lot of stuff I would have otherwise never got a chance to do, like rappelling, paragliding, water rafting, trekking etc

In a country where a girl’s education is stopped so that her brother’s education can be funded, I am proud to say, that my dad spent more on my education than my brother’s! (I choose a costlier program than him!! 😉 ), he did not think twice before sending me to study outside the city in a college of my choice. I t is because of that education, I have become a whole lot better person (I hope!). And I got nobody but dad to thank for this!

So, have an awesome day ahead dad!

Happy Birthday!