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All you modern girls in jeans

With your eyes full of dreams

What will you get by aping the west?

Like a GOOD Indian you should be dressed

We will decide what you will wear

And how should you style your hair

Wear a sari is what we expect

Can’t you do this much, as a sign of our respect?

You do not know how to tie a sari does not matter

It just shows bad upbringing on the part of your mother

If wearing a sari you do not like

Then its our traditions that you dislike

It is because of you and your modern clothes

Random men on the streets become your foes

Even after this, if it’s the westerners you want to ape,

Then don’t come back to us when you encounter rape

As this is the treatment that you asked for and deserved

As our NATIONAL clothing you did not preserved

So, dear girl, wear only a sari you should,

Listen to us, as its only for your safety and good.



In India girls who wear ‘modern’ clothes are frowned upon. It can be seen in major movies, serials etc traditional sari clad girls are always ‘Good’ and jeans and skirt wearing girls are frowned upon for ‘blindly copying western culture’ or ‘no respect for indian values’.Even if a girl’s parents allow her to wear western clothes, after marriage she can only do so with her in-law’s PERMISSION

As if this was not enough if a MODERN Woman (read who wears jeans and t-shirts) goes to report a rape, everyone, from the politicians to media will put the ENTIRE blame on the girl with sentences like ‘SHE ASKED FOR IT’ or ‘THE GUY WAS JUST TEACHING HER A LESSON IN INDIAN VALUES’ or ‘SHE WAS WEARING A SKIRT, OBVIOUSLY IT IS A INVITATION FOR THE GUY’. It’s not that sari clad women are safe either, but due to social conditioning they are also looked down upon like she must have done something to invite this upon her.

And now, even in 2012, there are various groups of people who feel that they can molest any random girl to teach her MORAL values 😦