Medicine has grown leaps and bound, from the Ayurveda to the tantric and then to hospitals, there has been a sea of change.

There was a time when amputations were carried on patients without anesthesia..the sheer amount of pain that the patient must have gone through  cannot even be imagined.

But, Modern healthcare has facilitated to cure problems diseases which before had been considered incurable or life threatening!

Due to the advancement of technology, Modern healthcare has been able to achieve what could be termed as nothing but miracle!

A few years back, what needed a major surgery now only needs a small needle insertion.

Some hospitals also have robotic operations, so the chances of operation failing reduces to a great extent.

Here I would like to give an example of Grey’s Anatomy, where Christina has to walk around with a LIVE heart in a box!

It just gives you hope, that when something happens to you and your loved ones, you will be taken care of, and that is comforting.

(This post is written for Indiblogger’s ‘How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?’ contest by Apollo Hospital