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Aren’t you glad we let you live?

In lieu, some sacrifices you will have to give

You need to learn how to be a good wife,

And fast for your future husband’s life

What is the use of all this study?

All you have to do is take care of your hubby

Spending money on your education is such a waste,

When your marriage will be decided on the size of your waist

We need the money to meet your in-laws demands,

So that they can take you with them and off our hands

Education is just a waste of our time and money

All you need is to cook and Clean, honey

THEY don’t need an educated girl for their son

Who would think she’s an equal and join in the fun

Nope, they are looking for a slave

Who teaches the children to behave

And a girl with education,

Will take no such humiliation

Educated Girl wants libration

This clashes with the traditions of our nation

So, dear girl, to continue being in their subjugation,

For you there is to be no Education


AUTHOR’s Note:

In India it is said that a girl child is a ‘PARAYA DHAN’ meaning she is someone else’s wealth which her parents have to keep till her rightful owners claim her.

With such a mindset, parents often choose to not allow their girl child to go to school instead train her to not think for herself, cook, clean and take care of siblings.

Also in poor parts of India, where the parents have limited income, they prefer to send their son to school, after all he would be an investment to them in old age, because a daughter would go away after marriage.