Indian girl
Indian girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your parents wanted a Boy,

And were bursting with joy.

But alas, dear Girl, they were stuck with you,

And now THEY want to bid adieu.

You opened your eyes, big and brown,

And gave a smile like a clown.

You did not know your fate,

In this world full of hate.

You look into your Momma’s Eyes,

Not knowing that it was a time for Goodbyes.

Then THEY come into the room,

With their eyes full of Gloom.

They take you home,

And place you on a cot.

Bringing a warm milk bowl,

Your loving momma puts you in.

Suddenly you cannot breath.

The sounds of drums

Drown your cries

And that’s how, dear girl,

You had to go.

What was your fault you asked?

Why where you killed you asked?

Because you are not a boy.

Because that is our tradition.

Because you are a girl.


Author’s note:

Raja Beta: Is a word used to describe a boy in India. Raja means king and beta means son. So Raja Beta Literally means My Son is Like a King to me.

Not surprisingly there is no such word to describe a daughter in traditional Indian Folklore

Also, the tradition described in the poem is that of ‘DOODH PITI’ in which a newly born girl child is immersed in hot milk to kill her. This was an accepted tradition in Many parts of India. Though it is not that prevalent now.

In 2007, CRY (Child Rights and You) the international organization that works for the rights of children world wide, reported that of the 12 million girls that are born in India every year, about 3 million will die before the age of 15. In other worlds 1 in every 4 girls born in India will not make it past puberty.

For more information on this tradition, you could visit the following websites:




Now as this practice is illegal  many just leave their girl children to die by throwing them in rivers or garbage cans, or on streets, or just don’t feed them so that they die “NATURALLY”