Momma loves Maddie
Photo credit: wickenden

Because you are a girl,

Your Life won’t unfurl

God  wanted you on this earth

But THEY decided your Worth

Wouldn’t let your Momma give you Birth

THEY wanted a son

Who was so much fun

Who would carry  their family name

And bring them a lot of fame

But they got a daughter

So they got rid of her

Before she was born

Wouldnt let anyone mourn

Everybody Pretended

That you never existed

Even though your Momma Loved you,

Even though your Daddy Loved you,

THEY said you are a liability

That would increase their vulnerability

Everybody claimed

Your Momma should be ashamed

At her all the harsh words and blows were hurled

For bringing yet another girl in this world

So here is saying Good Bye, Dear Girl,

Maybe its better your life didn’t unfurl,

You escaped the ill fate

For which women are created


Note from the Author:

According to reports by UN and UNICEF, on an average 7000 female fetuses are aborted daily in India and this was in 2005-2010.

These were what were “REPORTED”, countless such cases must have gone unreported (Obviously, who would report illegally killing their daughters? )