This video is a talk by Jakson Katz, founder and director of MVP strategies.

He makes some very important points in this video:

  •  Women who stand up for themselves and others are called man-haters, man bashers or Feminazi and are asked to Sit down and shut up.
  • How from ‘John beats Marry’ we tend to think “Marry is a battered woman” and completely forget John.
  • When we hear ‘Gender Issues’ most men tend to tune out thinking its ‘women’s issues not about them’
  • We need more men who stand up with women and start saying some stuff and not ignore it like these issues are not about them.
  • Feminism affects man as much as women. What about the little boy who sees his mother beaten? Same system that produces men who abuse women also produce men who abuse other men.
  • It’s not words of enemies but silence of friends that is more hurt more. More and more people should stand up and give next generation a CHOICE to become who they want and not be bound by gender expectations.

The video then goes on to give various logical ways about how, in long run, by creating positive peer culture we can bring about a change in this mindset.