While growing up the term ABCDs was on the tongues of many. The ‘American Born Confused Desis’ were the cousins and neighbor’s Kids who come to India with their new stylish accents and flaunting their branded clothes, turning up their noses on everything from our drinking water to transportation.

But now that we have grown up, I feel a new generation is coming up (including me!!) which could be termed as “IBCDs” or Indian Born Confused Desis.

The problem with us is that even though we have grown up in India, we still do not understand India because of the unfortunate ‘western’ influences called TV and Mall.

Till the primary School years we were good Indian kids full of wonderful sanskars. We never used to talk back to our elders, heck we never used to talk to the elders. Talking to opposite sex was a bad bad thing (even though had studied in co=ed school all life), did not question anything and obeyed all orders.

And then came the late 1990’s and early 2000’s and suddenly we were introduced to the new world of ‘MTV’ and ‘Small Wonder’, wherever we looked a shiny new mall was coming up with the brands we had never even heard of! This continued till it became a way of life.

The daily soaps were ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’, ‘Big Bang Theory’ or ‘Roadies’. Even the daily vegetables were bought at the mall and the days were mom used to slave over hot stove was long forgotten since dad got the microwave.

And when we switch on the news or watch the newspapers, we hear about rapes and their reasons by the people of power, blaming anything and everything from women to noodles to this heinous crime, everything except the men. And that’s when we seek some respite by turning on to BBC and thinking if we, in our 20s, think this is stupid, can’t these oldie fellows realize that? and we laugh to ourselves and shake our heads in sorrow at the same time.

Every time we are forced to view some of the desi channel like star plus, zee or Sony  because of roommates or grand parents or moms are watching it and we have nothing better to do, we have a culture shock accompanied by a mini heart attack and wonder if this is the same country we grew up in?

I mean in the Indian shows that we watch, Indians are like this:


ot this:

Big Switch
Big Switch

And we have a mini mind failure  when we are told that REAL India does not dress or act like this, REAL India is something like:


Seriously, please explain what is real India? sigh….