I have almost as much talent in ‘singing and dancing’ as a rock…

It was not a good thing growing up when music classes were compulsory for all. I still have nightmares of the final exams were we had to stand up in front of everyone and sing one song of our choice….

And as far as dancing goes, I come from a state of Gujarat, were it is said that girls are born dancers…Ahhh the grace and the beauty of the Gujarati dancers during the Navratri are praised by many!

Unfortunately, God forgot were I was going to be born and gifted me with two left feet…sigh

I considered that my lack of singing and dancing skills were a bane, until I realized how darn lucky I was!

As I have absolutely no talent, I would never have to face the oh so vulnerable eyes of the Indian male who, according to some, have a disease which makes then not being able to physically restrain themselves from molesting/raping/eve-teasing/assaulting whenever they see a female.

Ahh the relief!! Now I would just have to take care of how I walk, talk, stand, sit in front of this species..that’s it!!

Here is the video of JK Mufti Bashiruddin who issued a fatwa against a girl band.

In this video, he says that whatever the problems India is facing, it is because of ‘behayai’ and ‘besharmi’ means lack of shame and honor. REALLY??? And here I was thinking the issue is lack of education and poverty…silly me!!

Further he said the all this girls going to night -clubs naked and behaving in a way that all look at them, rather than doing all this they should live in pardah and live in a way which preserves their honor and religion.

People go to night-clubs naked?? Wow! Never heard of such place existing..

And I am still confused, the problem is girls going to nightclubs, not the nightclubs itself? So guys going to nightclubs is acceptable to religion?

And here is a picture of a beach were women are wearing bikinis and men are NOT  raping them, or looking at them ‘THAT’ way or even passing lewd comments at them, but they are actually laughing and talking to them! Strange creatures they must be na?

Sometimes I pity my guy friends, I think they deserve better than to be portrayed like they are some nymphomaniacs on loose.

These moral polices should give decent men some credit!

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