F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is one TV show which is timeless. Everytime I watch it, I can’t help but smile at the sheer fuzzy feeling that comes. I really wish I had friends like that in my life.


This got me thinking, why can’t show like this happen in India?

The answer is quite simple, really~!

Here is the monster analysis! Hope you enjoy! 😉

I will take each and every friend one by one. Here goes:



His ‘How you doin’? set many hearts fluttering!

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S ended with a 30+ year old Joey who is still a ‘struggling’ actor, single and happy!

Now if Joey were in India, he would be living a life of shame. People would have harassed him to no end asking him to settle down with a ‘nice’ girl. Even the neighbor’s maid’s grandma would be sending eligible girls his way with a gusto and the speed which would put any teen to shame. Every time he would step out of his house, every human, cat, dog he meets will ask him ‘So, when are you getting married? You are over 30, decide fast before all the good ones are taken’. He would still be living with his mother, of course. (No sensible Indian guy leaves the pallu of his Maa till the death does them part, suck is the love between an Indian man and his maa). Joey’s maa would lovingly serve the paranthas or Idlis along with a full dose of tears and the ‘ You need to get married soon, Joey beta,  my health is failing, I get tired running around the house whole day. I desperately need help with the chores. Do me a favour and get married. Now how about my friends daughter?’ And this would continue till Joey would be coaxed into an arranged marriage with a ‘good’ girl. Also, no sensible family would give their girl to a struggling actor. (Yes, Indian family’s give their girls depending on the bank balance and the caste of the boy’s family, and not marry their girl for love). So now Joey has a boring bank job and a housewife who cooks and cleans all day. THE END.



The show ends with a 30+ year old Rachael Green, who is a single mother, with baby Emma and she is in a relationship with Ross. Happy.

Now were she living in India she would be criticized for ruining the ‘honor’ of her family for having a girl out-of-wedlock (Oh, the horrible shame!). On top of that she was divorced! Who does that? The Shiv sevak’s heard her story and had a mini heart attack and would be crying their hearts out for such a dented and painted shameless woman moving on the streets! She would be forced, coaxed, blackmailed to get married to Ross. “What? You don’t think you love him enough? You shameless girl, you have a BABY with this guy, think of your family’s name and marry him. Love shuv is just nothing, look at us, married by our fathers and are still alive no? This Love crap is just western influence. What did you say, Radha and Krishna loved each other, so the concept of love is not entirely foreign? How dare you compare your feelings with that of our lord you ungrateful girl! Love is such a divine thing in our great Indian Culture that humans have no right to love, only proven Gods can do so. Now shut up and marry Ross.” So now Rachel is married to Ross and they fight daily, but are ‘adjusting’.



Ross Geller..Divorced thrice, father of two children, dating his high school crush! Happy!

Had he been in India, he would not have been allowed to divorce his first wife, even if she was a lesbian. They would have been told to ‘adjust’ by the elders of the family and both would have continued their life together not being interested in each other. Just like “ The one that could have been” episode, but this time it is the one that is the truth of his life) Poor Ross, He would never have had a chance of being with the girl of his dreams, Rachel.

Monica and Chandler


Monica and Chandler end up getting married, getting a dream house and adopting twins ! PERFECT life full of happiness!! 🙂 ❤

Had they been living in India, people would have frowned and told them ‘After all blood is blood’ and they would wherever they go, they would be asked and encouraged to keep on ‘trying’. Monica would be criticized by the elderly women as she was not able to produce a healthy baby boy of her own. Her family and especially her mother would be hearing no end to what a shame she was and what a poor excuse of upbringing she had. Chandler otherwise would be advised to marry some ‘good’ Indian girl who would give him strong family name, after all, a baby boy is a MUST have as carrying forward family name is the ONLY reason why people should marry in the first place, no?



Phoebe, aaahh Phoebe…the weird girl with a heart of gold who gave birth to her brother’s children and ends up marrying Mike (drool!!!! 😉 ), her life is now complete!

Had she been living in India, first of all she would have never made such a wonderful group of friends. After all  who would make friends with someone who once lived on the streets! Cheeee…She would have ended up in some ashram or other living a life full of crap,and even if by miracle she ended up making such friends, she would have been pressurized to not have her brother’s triplets. Imagine, an unwed mother of lower class, oh the horror! She would have led a lonely existence and no one would have ever married someone who had given birth before, it meant she was not ‘pure’ you see..and in India, A girl needs to be ‘pure’ in order for a man to marry her, she might be horrible, cunning, witch but if she is pure, she gets married!

Nobody would like to see all this now, would they?

And that is why, shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S  cannot be reproduced in India..sigh 😦