Over this past days, I came across various posts/ blogs/ tweets/protesters demanding justice for the 23-year-old Delhi girl.

Will killing those rapists be the end of the land of rapists that India has become?

NO. Absolutely NOT.

With all these protests, I come across at least 5 rapes on women/girls from the age of 1 to 75 in various parts of the country, on daily basis. These protest and rage has surely not been able to curb this menace!

Why not, you ask!

Let me make a feeble attempt with help of a fictitious story to understand why Ram Singh  and all his counter parts/ friends/ colleagues think it is their birth right to rape and why it will not stop and how you, me and all of us are feeding their desires and providing enough encouragement to rape our daughters. THIS IS NOT A REAL BIOGRAPHY. IT IS A FRAGMENT OF MY MONSTROUS IMAGINATION.

Our story starts with a young 17-year-old girl who got pregnant with her first child. When she delivered the baby, she was shocked! The baby was a girl. The horror! Her husband and her mother-in-law started beating her night and day for putting their family through the shame by giving birth to a girl. *shudder*

The girl tries to go to her parents and beg them to let her and her daughter live with them. But the parents scold her for coming to them. After all, what will people say when they find out that their married daughter is staying with them! They ask her to ‘compromise’ and ‘adjust’ like a good Indian girl and take her back to her in-laws and beg them and offer them money and gifts to accept their daughter back in their house.

Soon, the girl gets pregnant again, and this time, thankfully, delivers a BOY! Suddenly her place in the family hierarchy goes up. People start looking at her with respect. The beatings stop.

The proud grandmother lovingly looks at her grandson and names him ‘RAM SING’ after her favorite god as she is sure he will be the light of her life and do wonderful things in his life.

As Ram Singh grew he would order his sister around. So much so that even if he wanted water, his elder sister had to leave whatever she was doing and bring him a glass of fresh water.  If the sister dared to say “NO” or even “Please wait a minute, I am busy” she would be punished by an extremely angry grandmother for making the apple of her eye wait. Who was she, a mere girl, to make her grandson wait?

Ram Singh’s father was an alcoholic  Every night he came home drunk and physically and verbally abused his mother and sister. Who were supposed to ‘adjust’ and not speak a word in their defense, as that was what good Indian girls do.

The father lost his job. Now he has enough money to send only one child to school. Ram Singh’s sister was a ranker. She came first in her class consistently, while Ram Singh found it difficult to pass even a single subject and usually had to repeat the classes for four to five times.

The decision for the family was easy. They took the sister out of school and sent her to wash clothes at the neighbor’s places. After all why waste money on ‘Paraya Dhan’ right?

As Ram Singh turned 16, the neighbor’s aunt came and complained that he was passing vulgar comments on her daughter every time she came out of her house. And he always stood at the paan shop opposite and every day, every time, sang double meaning songs and comments on her.

The grandmother got angry. She asked the aunt to keep her daughter in check. After all she was the one who wore jeans and t-shirts. And on one time even had the audacity to wear a skirt! Why did she wear such clothes? Just to lure poor innocent boys like her grandson, right? After all, boys will be boys, It is the girls that have to be modest and cover their izzat.

So, with the family’s approval, Ram Singh’s confidence grew. Next time, he and his friends traveled in a bus, he started groping a strange girl’s private parts. The girl gave him a look of disgust and moved to the front of the bus. Many people saw this, no one said anything. Ram Singh could see the admiration in his friend’s eyes on the feat he had accomplished.  They asked him how he felt and asked him for a treat!

Next, his eyes fell on a beautiful girl, it was love in first sight for him. He went ahead and proposed the girl. The girl said no, so to get his revenge, Ram Singh poured acid over her. She was a girl, how dare she say no? The friends agreed. The family paid for the acid. And the people on the streets who saw him pouring acid on the screaming girl, went about their business like nothing had happened.

And thus, with the open support of his friends and family along with the silent support of the society on the whole, Ram Sing became more and more confident. And his atrocities increased to levels that were  down right inhuman.

So, next time you condemn a rapist, think how YOU helped him become one by wanting a male child, by not letting your daughter study, by not allowing your daughter to wear clothes she like, by not speaking when you see girls being harassed on streets, by averting your eyes when a girl is being inappropriately handled by such rouges.

Who knows, It could be you/your sister/mother/daughter next time. And no one will step up for them either.