Yesterday, being Sunday  I watched a movie that I had intended to watch for a long time!

The movie’s name being Fire which is a part of Deepa Mehta‘s trilogy  The other two being water and earth.

Fire (1996 film)
Fire (1996 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I started watching with the monster, keeping the pens ready to jot down any inkling of the fault we could find.

But alas, with a heavy heart, this monster has to confess, I could not find even a single point *red face*

The music by A. R. Rehman is just perfect. Every scene, every emotion is beautifully captured by music.

This movie is available to view on youtube. (link:

But before you click on the link let me give you a word of warning, if you are one of those close minded people whose hearts tremble and faces turn up a big scorn at the mere mentions of the LGBT community, please do NOT watch this.

Fire was passed uncut by India’s censor board in May 1998 with a rating of Adult, the only condition being that the character Sita’s name be changed to Nita.The film was first screened on 13 November 1998 and ran to full houses in most metropolitan cities throughout India for almost 3 weeks.

On 2 December more than 200 Shiv Sanaiks stormed a Cinemax theatre in suburban Goregaon in Mumbai, smashing glass panes, burning posters and shouting slogans. They compelled managers to refund tickets to moviegoers.

On 3 December a Regal theatre in Delhi was similarly stormed. Bajrang Dal workers with lathis invaded Rajpalace and Rajmahal in Surat, breaking up everything in sight and driving away frightened audiences. Theatres in Surat and Pune stopped screening the film on the same day.

When attackers attempted to shut a screening in Calcutta, however, ushers and audience fought back and the movie stayed open. Twenty-nine people were arrested in Mumbai in connection with these incidents.

Chief Minister Manohar Joshi supported the actions to shut down screenings of Fire, saying, “I congratulate them for what they have done. The film’s theme is alien to our culture.”

But, what is culture to scorn the creation of God?

It’s not that someone just wakes up one morning and decides to form a liking to people from his/her gender as it’s a cool thing to do!

But then in a culture were even a guy and a girl are murdered for falling in love, it’s understandable why LGBTs are not allowed to live natural lives.

On 4 December the film was referred back to the Censor Board for a re-examination. The Indian government was criticized for siding with the vandalizers.

Here is the first part of the movie, have a look!

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