Feminism, Victim Blaming

Its my humble request to my All sisters and girls pls don’t upload Ur photos on Facebook…

I found this picture on Facebook.

With this picture following lines were written:

I found this photo on a friend’s wall..it has been written that:

Kahte hain.
Is ladki ka naam sushmita ha,
Isne fb me apna photo upload kiya tha,
Kisi ladke ne iska photo sev karke
google me iska profile dalke call girl
ka list me dal diya
ye ladki ache parivar ki thi aur bahut decent ladki thi…
Us ladke ne puri city me pehela diya
ke yeh call girl hai,
Jab yah baat ladki aur iske parivar
ko pata chala to is ladki ke sath pure
parivar ne suicide kar liya… ye hai face book ki duniya
(ab batao friends kya iske liye
raasta hai? Iske bad bhi nahi
Its my humble request to my All
sisters and girls pls don’t upload Ur photos on Facebook…

(Its said that this girl’s name is Shushmita, she had uploaded her pic on Facebook, some guy saved her pic and made a Google profile out of it, she was of a good family and was very decent, the guy had spread the word around that she was a call girl, when the girl and the family came to know, she did and her family did suicide. Now you tell friends what could be done? Still people are not understanding, its my humble request to all sisters and girls, please don’t upload your photos on Facebook!)

I found this post extremely revolting!

Yes, what happened with the girl was wrong, but was it her fault, or was it the fault of the sick guy who used her picture in such a horrible way?

The writer of the above lines seems to think that the girl had to go through all this BECAUSE she uploaded her picture, not because some guy misused them!

It’s like saying that “Bloody hell, you got robbed! Its my humble request to you not to have any doors or windows in your house in future so no thieves can enter! or if a 16 year old boy gets murdered while sleeping on a terrace, all 16 year old boys should stop sleeping on terraces.

Seriously, when will this victim blaming ever stop?



9 thoughts on “Its my humble request to my All sisters and girls pls don’t upload Ur photos on Facebook…”

  1. Exactly, I felt disgusted when I saw the pic..okay, some sick pervert did that to her, why should she be the one who’s blamed? They should probably try to do something about that asshole!


    1. Exactly! There are cyber laws in place..if there was any moral from this horrible event..is that we need more awareness on these laws and how they work..telling girls to stop uploading their pics is just stupid..it will make desperate people more desperate if anything


  2. People are just waiting to put blame on women. Their mind has been tamed that way. It happens without any effort. Imagine, the population of a country has been tamed this way that they are not able to think on their own. Pathetic!


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