Being a hardcore nerd and a fangirl, I came across these funny yet true ‘Nerd Girl Problems” on Tumblr. So I thought of compiling the list of the quotes, I can relate to in a place (Yup, I do have a lot of spare time :))

No copyright infringement intended!!

Here goes:

4: British Men ruin all chances of finding a suitable boyfriend.

5: Having to wait until March 23.

18: When your Hogwarts letter gets lost in the mail every year.

19: You want to go on a romantic date with your boyfriend on Valentine’s day, but he lives in a book.

21: A movie comes out that everyone loves and you are like “Screw that I read the book first!”

22: Going to bookstore to browse and leaving with at least 3 books.

30: Normal girls party on saturday nights  untill 3 am. You stay up to watch tv show marathons on saturday night untill 3 am.

47: When your book cover gets bent.

64: People think you are weird because you like to smell books.

65: You constantly correct everyone’s grammer.

115: When you have all these desires to play popular video games but you don’t have the money.

124: People find it weird that you enjoy reading the classics.

125: *You’re

135: When you talk or laugh at your computer without realizing that there are people watching.

145: When guys don’t take your tech suggestion seriously.

152: Having to explain that a Huffelpuff is not a pokemon, it’s from Harry Potter, but then not being able to explain what a Huffelpuff is.

161: When you make more friends in The Sims than in real life.

169: The weird looks you get when you realize something “Just Because”.

172: Waiting for the book to get released in paperback because the hardcover is too expensive.

173: When nearly all female video game characters are skinny, well endowed, and overly attractive women with hardly any clothes on while male characters come in various shapes, size and levels of attractiveness.

178: When you tell someone that Robert Pattison played Cedric Diggoryand they are surprised.

190: When people do not understand your obsession with british youtubers.

194: Your only fines are fines for overdue books.

215: Getting in trouble for doing homework at inappropriate times.

217: When you get tired of correcting people so you start snickering.

225: When your favourite song is from a musical and noone gets it because they haven’t heard of the said musical.

228: When you have finished a series and you’re having reading withdrawals because you do not know what to read next.

230: You have a burst of inspiration while you are half asleep and you’re too tired to wake up, go across the room and write it down. Then when you finally wake up, you know there was something you came up with but you can’t remember for the life of you what it was.

235: That unexplainable crush you have on fictional characters.

237: Everyone knows you as ‘The smart one’.

247: Not having cable, megaupload being down, and netflix not being able to show the current seasons of shows. All at the same time.

249: When people think that Titanic was just a film.

250: Being so absorbed in a book, you don’t hear people calling your name.

265: Reading more than one book at a time.

267: The feeling you get after finishing a book.

268: When you have to fake incomprehension so people don’t make you explain things to them.

293: You love a song so much, you want to examine the metamorphical meaning.

300: When the outfit on your new action figure isn’t accurate.

301: When you say you fumbled and your brother thinks you are talking about football.

304: When you are reading your comic book in class and the teacher asks you to put your magazine away.

307: Being pretty. So every nerd guy assumes you are poser and every jock thinks you are hot.

308: Trade chat trolls.

310: Trying to talk about the plot of a fanfic with out revealing that it’s a fanfic.

311: Movies based on Video games.

312: The heart attack you have when you have lost your expensive graphing calculator that has been with you to the depths and back.

316: Waiting for the new Pokemon game when it’s already out in Japan.

317: When you have to google something because you don’t know it.

318: No one knows the historical significance of this day.

319: When people don’t get the fandom related glasses you are wearing.

321: Your answer “Because of Reasons” makes you a smart ass.

323: Not knowing what your not-nerd friends want for their birthday, because you are happy with just books.

326: People ask you questions as if you are a google search engine.

328: When your english teacher does not give you enough space to write your story on.

329: It’s raining and you choose to protect your books over your hair.

330: People asking why Marvel did not include Batman and Superman in The Avengers.

332: Everytime you hear the doorbell you want to sing “Hello” from the book of Mormon.

333: Missing Jeopardy

334: The book you really want is never at the library.

335: Having to explain that Joss Whedon and Wil Wheaton are two different people.

336: When your teacher never lets you answer questions because others need to get a chance.

337: Being in love with the doctor even if he his over 900 years older than you.

339: When your friends ask you if the test was easy by their standards instead of yours.

340: When your mom won’t let you buy figurines from your favourite fandon because she thinks it’s just a phase.

342: The only guys you have any sort of interest in are 30 years older than you.

343: Deep down in your heart you believe that one day you will get super powers.

344: When movies ruin comic book story lines.

345: The only noticeable tan lines you have is your watch tan.

346: Talking to someone who says they are Batman fan, but they think BATMAN is a marvel character.

348: When you are trying to give Dating Advice by giving example of Schrodinger’s cat, but no one understands.

349: Not being sure if Matt Smith is actually attractive or just wildly in love with The Doctor.

350: When you’ve already read every single piece of Literature given to you in class.

351: Sheldon Cooper isn’t real.

354: Hearing a word or a phrase and breaking out in a song that contains said phrase that no one knows.

356: “Are you reading that book, AGAIN?”

357: When your favourite comic goes on hiatus for 5 years and returns with a completely different art style.

358: Fictional characters make better friends than real people.

359: Trying to get your friends to read your favourite fanfic.

360: Being unable to control your laughter when your eye doctor says don’t blink.

361: You are following 20 fanfics and none have been published in a week.

363: “Dramoine”

364: Pronouncing a word wrong because you have read it a thousand times but never heard it spoken.

367: Shipping people from classic literature.

368: That moment when you know the answer but don’t say because everybody is staring at you.

369: When you find something the red wines can’t do.

370: All the good Harry Potter related URLs are taken.

371: When you see Amazing Spiderman and Tony Stark and Steve Rogers aren’t Peter Parker’s dads.

372: People don’t appreciate that spending your summer writing poetry is a valid use of time.

374: Comic Sans

378: “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

379: Fanfiction doesn’t count as legitimate literary works

381: You shout ‘GERMINO’ in inappropriate situationsand receive some strange looks from others.

382: That akward moment when your friend’s don’t realise you are talking about fictional characters.

383: Bazinga is a part of your daily vocabulary.

384: When George R. R. Martin and Josh weildon kill off everyone you love.

385: When Pottermore is “Currently unavailable”

386: When you finish a book in a day, and you have to wait a year for it’s sequel.

387: Running out of memmory on your gaming console.

389: When people say “I’m so sad when George Weasley died”

390: Having to wear your regular glasses under your 3D glasses.

391: That moment when you can’t remember if you have that video on iTunes, Amazon videos on demand or DVD.

392: When people forget to hyphenate in Spiderman.

393: You’re more protective of your video game consoles, than you are of your younger siblings.

394: Whenever someone asks you a question, you take it as a side quest to the main story line of your life.

395: You can’t stop your eyes from flitting across the page in your book to catch a word or two of what happens next.

396: All the goods ones are either gay, married or fictional.

399: Girls brag about drinking or partying, but the naughtiest thing you do is read M rated fan fiction.

400: You get OTP feelings from an animated children’s show.

401: When a book is made into a movie and they reprint the book cover with the movie poster as the new book cover.

404: Crying because Oswin Oswald

405: You just want to talk about a book/movie/TV show/subject/ game all the time, but you don’t because you don’t want to annoy everyone.

409: Noone gets the references on your t-shirts.

410: Always being the only girl in your friends who pitches up to anime marathins.

413: When your teacher says “Anyone but (Insert your name here)” while asking a question.

414: Camping

415: If you or someone esle describes you as a “nerd”, people automatically think you like science.

416: Not being able to listen to classical music while you are studying because you can finger along to every note.

417: When someone does something well, you can’t help but yell out “TEN points for gryffindor!”

418: “My computer is so slow” you say while browsing on 10 open internet browsers.

419: When you use your favourite insult from your favourite book and the person has no idea they were insulted.

420: The closest you will ever come on cheating on someone is when you choose a different fandom.

423: Those so-called nerd hallowen costumes that consist of high waisted pants, glasses with tape in the middle, pigtails, and suspenders that are usually accompanied by a nasally accent.

426: While persuing through posts, you see a book/TV show/ movie reference from a hipster blog, and they don’t even know where it’s from.

427: Journey into the mystrey #654

429: Cringing when people ask to borrow your books.

430: Girls joke about being “Awkward” when you really have social anxiety.

432: Wikidrifting

433: This post was supposed to be about sodium and Hydrogen, but NaH…

438: The contradicting idea of having OCD when it comes to your books, yet buying used books.

439: The more you think about it, you don’t actually mind being single for the rest of your life.

440: You get worried that your essays sound plagarized.

441: Your advanced classes consist of 1% you and 99% of other kids who don’t talk to you.

444: You cannot take a serious issue of hydraulic fracking seriously because fracking is a cuss word.

445: Your friends read nerd girl problems because they are funny, but these are serious issues to you.</p>