Hey guys!!

These past few days I was trying to find out ONE video which shows a man in the kitchen, cooking a lovely meal for his family.

I went through loads of serials, movies, Advertisements but the only videos I could find were those in the cookery shows.

What’s interesting is when I browsed through the cookery shows, majority of the chefs were guys!

Also, in Restaurants that I go, if there is an open Kitchen, I rarely get to see a female working there.

Now that confuses me!

If men are such great chefs, Why don’t they cook for their family?

Is it because our society has drummed in their heads that kitchen is a place only for the girls?

hmmmmm…double standards anyone?

I recently viewed a movie called ‘English Vinglish‘. Along with spectacular performance on part of Sridevi and the rest of the cast, what struck me the most was two very important topics.

First, wherein Sridevi raises a question, why we see preparing food as an ‘art’ when a MAN makes it. Often if some or other man in the family makes food occasionally, he is praised to the seventh heaven, but when the woman makes food EVERY SINGLE day of her life, not even thanks is muttered.


Other point that I distinctly remember is how Sridevi’s character leaves with her husband at the end of the movie. 😥

I believe it would have served the rude husband right had she left him for that french guy.

Indians believe that they can treat their wives like pieces of dishrags and make fun of her because they ‘own’ her.

It’s time men started respecting the women in their lives, the next generation of women will not put up with such crap.

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